Saturday, January 10, 2009

Here We Go Again

Back to work.

Back to the daily grind.

Back to that feeling of "here we go again."

I was excited about starting work again. It may only be Saturdays, but it was something to make me a little more productive and some extra cash. But I am definitely losing steam fast. I basically sit at my desk all day with no one to talk to, and no real work to be done. My job is to help the few customers that come to the front, and it's all the same thing...

"How much does this cost?"
"We are the wholesalers, so we cannot give out the price. Please talk with your fabricator."
"So... how are we supposed to know how much it is?"
"Talk to your fabricator."
"Well, what's the price difference between these two slabs?"
"We are the wholesalers, so we cannot give out the price. Please talk with your fabricator."
"Well, I don't understand... Can't you just tell me? I need the price to see if it'll fit into our budget. I mean, I won't tell anyone else. I just need it to estimate my costs and this is the 3rd time we have done this and we are running out of time. Our cabinets were delayed and the whole project was put on hold and now my great aunt Bertha is dying. Is there any way that you can just give us the price, just this once?"
Wow, I have never heard that story before! You have really convinced me that this is a very special case and you really do need the price more than all the other people that have asked me that same thing today. Syke! Look, lady, I'm not giving you the price! Now go ask your fabricator just like everyone else does and spare me your sob story! "I am so sorry. I really wish I could, but it's against our policy. Please talk with your fabricator and they will be able to answer all your questions."
"Ok. So, how much is this slab?"

It's a never ending cycle of stupidity, enough to make blood shoot out of your eyes! (tribute to Glenn). And then there's the guy who's "in charge" that I have to deal with.

"Good morning ma'am. Where's my chai tea? Why didn't you get me chai tea?"
Why the hell would I get you chai tea?! You have enough time and money to get your own drink. "Oh how silly of me. I forgot." *awkward laugh*
"Oh man. Well, I heard this great joke. An elephant had 12 bananas, and he was really hungry, but he only ate 11. Why didn't he eat the 12th banana?"
"Gee, I don't know. Why didn't he eat the 12th banana?"
"It was plastic. *laughing hysterically at his amazing wit*
It was plastic? Are you serious?! "Good one."

Every weekend, this is my life. And they pay me well for it. I am reaching my limit.

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