Thursday, January 29, 2009

2 year anniversary

Ricky and I just celebrated* our 2 year wedding anniversary. It's gone by fast, but at the same time, it's also gone by slow. We felt that we had been married for years shortly after tying the knot, and here we are at the 2 year mark. Our lives have been so full of Judah lately, that it also feels like I haven't been with him that long, which I guess we haven't. Some people might just be considering getting engaged by this point in a relationship.

I can't imagine that.

*celebrate - only see each other for a total of half an hour

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Female vs. The Mall

I am writing this blog to clear up some misconceptions about girls and shopping. Guys, we know that you get frustrated with us when it comes to dealing with this topic, but I would like a chance to defend this controversial activity, and also to provide some insight into what really goes on at the mall.

The following are some misconceptions that guys believe about girls and shopping:

1) Girls love to shop all the time!
False: Girls do bonding differently than guys. Guys are perfectly content to sit and play video games for a few hours while not speaking at all, and then call themselves best friends. Girls are a little more complicated. We like to hang out and talk and find things in common. Going to the mall is just one way to hang out and be together. This is also why your girlfriend will ask you to go to the mall with her. You shudder at the thought, but it's really just her way of wanting to hang out and talk to you, while avoiding the television, which can seem cold to us when you are trying to "bond."

2) Shopping with girls is too complicated. Can't you just grab what you want and leave?
No. There is a lot more that girls need to think about while shopping that guys never have to deal with. In fact, there is a whole list of things that guys don't think about, that leaves girls even more frustrated with the shopping process than the guy could ever be. So, dude, get over it because this is worse for the girl and it just makes it harder when you're over her shoulder complaining about obvious things to which you don't even know the beginning of. Be grateful you're not all dead already!

3) Girls never think anything looks good on them.
False: Clothing looks different on a mannequin than it does on a real female body. A girl has to try on every item of clothing before buying it, because she doesn't want to take it back when it ends up looking/fitting completely different at home. This is also why you may notice the woman in your life picking out every item that she even remotely likes, because she knows that she will enter the dressing room with 10 items, and leave with 2 (if she's lucky). This is something guys can't understand because a T-shirt, looks and fits like a T-shirt. A T-shirt looks and fits like a T-shirt in every store, and a girl would LOVE to wear T-shirts like you do everyday, but we dress the way we do FOR YOU! YOU SELFISH WASTE OF FLESH!!! So next time you want to be all up in arms about her trying everything on, rethink your attitude and be happy that she is dressing that way in the first place. Or, you can lend her some of your T-shirts to wear for the rest of her life, and see how you feel about it.


Next, here is a list of all the things a girl has to think about when looking at clothes that never even cross a guy's mind (some are reiterated from the list above):

a) WILL THIS HAVE TO BE DRY CLEANED? For you guys out there who do think about this, I will assume you are not married.

b) DOES IT FIT? Unlike men's clothing, woman sizes are different in every store, and every clothing brand. I could say that I wear a size 7 pants, but that's just a guess. In some stores I could be a size 3, and in others, an 11. How can it be so different you ask? I have no idea...

c) HOW DOES IT FIT? Like I said above, everything looks different from the mannequin. How it looks when it is actually on her body depends on the bust size, etc.

d) WHAT DOES IT FIT? Because girls have to look their best FOR YOU, there are many areas that women have to be conscious about. For instance, I am very modest and don't like to put "the girls" out on the grandstands, so anything that I try on needs to meet that standard. (This is the hardest thing to do EVER!) We also like to hide our tummy pudge, arms, a mole on our neck, and other various things in an attempt to live up the the unreachable standard that our society expects us to grasp.

e) DOES IT NEED TO BE IRONED? Another thing that men don't usually deal with, and I reiterate, if you do think about this, I'll assume you're not married.

f) DOES IT ATTRACT STAINS/FUZZ? Girls can't get rid of those two wrecked mountains that stare at them every moment of every day. Since guys don't understand that these loathsome irritations cause girls to constantly spill on themselves, we have to think about how noticeable a stain will be on our shirt. Also, some materials will draw cat fur or other fuzziness and be very noticeable, so we tend to stay away from those materials. We don't like to have to think about our clothes all day, or carry a lint remover in our purse.

g) IS IT SEE THROUGH OR TOO THIN? Our boobs need bras, and bras are not meant to be seen in order to maintain the illusion of perkiness. If a shirt is too thin then you can see the bra, either in vivid color, or bra lines. This is also the same reason that thong underwear was invented. If it's too thin, then you can see the panties, either in vivid color, or panty lines.

Now, as you can see, there is much that a girl has to think about when shopping. Hopefully I have shown at least a little sliver of insight for you guys. So please, have patience with your female when she's shopping, and be supportive, because she hates it too. (Being supportive does not mean saying everything looks good.) Keep the above list in mind, and help her with it. Constructive criticism is nice in moderation. She will be on edge the entire time anyway, so be gentle as well. Once again, she's dressing to impress you, so tell her you think she looks hott a few times a day.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Attitude Adjustment

I was sitting here in a bad mood, when it suddenly occurred to me that I have nothing to be in a bad mood about. So instead, I am going to write about all the great things going on in my life, because there is much more of that. I also don't want to fall back into my old habit of only writing when I am in a bad mood.

I have this journal that I got years and years ago. I must have been 10 or 11, and when I read through it, I just laugh because I would only write an entry when I was having a bad day. So the whole journal is dedicated to the bad days in my life since I was 11. When I started this blog, I vowed never to do that again. There is just too much goodness in life to waste my time focusing on the few minor bad things.

So what am I grateful for today? I was grateful to get my son up at the break of dawn. Normally when Ricky or I go get him from his crib in the morning, he's awake, and who knows how long he's been there being quiet and thoughtful. Since I was up early for work, I leaned over his crib while he was still sleeping, and I just stared at him for a minute or two, not wanting to steal him from his sugar plums, or whatever it is that baby's dream about. I was not sure if I had the heart to wake him, but as I was pondering what to do, he opened his eyes. He saw me and did a big stretch. Perfect timing, Judah.

I am also grateful for my husband, who had an unusual amount of energy this morning, most likely because he knew that he could go back to bed. I was sleeping through my alarm, and he was tickling me, and rubbing my back, trying to wake me up. It worked. He nudged me a few times, and that was enough to pull me out of that half dream state, and I could have got up, but I liked him touching me, so I pretended to still be out of it so he wouldn't stop. It was a nice way to wake up. Although, it's not always that nice. Usually I am thinking Ok, buddy, touch me one more time and I'll pull your toe nails off! I'll get up when I am good and ready! I guess I am grateful that that was not my mood this morning.

I am grateful for my decaf-double- short-nonfat-white-chocolate-mocha that I get Saturdays. I have been good about not running out for an espresso every morning, so on Saturdays it's my special treat. I also appreciate the fact that I enjoy it so much more when it's not routine. It makes me feel better when I come into the 50 degree warehouse with a hot espresso. Mmmmm.

I am grateful for homemade dinners. It was hard getting used to eating out less often, but now I am enjoying it. The only down side it that there are more dishes to do, but hey, the food is great. I am also happy about our new toaster oven that we got. It's also been a lifesaver since our microwave died about a week ago. I thought we'd have caved, and bought one by now, but shockingly we are getting by without it (barely). I like cooking, and as I start to get into the rhythm of cooking for a family, I am getting more adventurous and creative. It makes me feel more like a mom too.

I am grateful for my family in general. A hard working hubby, and a growing baby. Hubby is busy at work so that I can stay at home. A baby who got his first two teeth this week, and is eating solids now, and had his first "big boy" poop. I am grateful that I get to see them a lot, rather than having to deal with night shifts and paying off thousands of dollars or credit card debt. I am glad that I can look forward to going home today, rather than dread it. I know many people live like that, but I am not one of them.

I am grateful that the work day is almost over.

Here We Go Again

Back to work.

Back to the daily grind.

Back to that feeling of "here we go again."

I was excited about starting work again. It may only be Saturdays, but it was something to make me a little more productive and some extra cash. But I am definitely losing steam fast. I basically sit at my desk all day with no one to talk to, and no real work to be done. My job is to help the few customers that come to the front, and it's all the same thing...

"How much does this cost?"
"We are the wholesalers, so we cannot give out the price. Please talk with your fabricator."
"So... how are we supposed to know how much it is?"
"Talk to your fabricator."
"Well, what's the price difference between these two slabs?"
"We are the wholesalers, so we cannot give out the price. Please talk with your fabricator."
"Well, I don't understand... Can't you just tell me? I need the price to see if it'll fit into our budget. I mean, I won't tell anyone else. I just need it to estimate my costs and this is the 3rd time we have done this and we are running out of time. Our cabinets were delayed and the whole project was put on hold and now my great aunt Bertha is dying. Is there any way that you can just give us the price, just this once?"
Wow, I have never heard that story before! You have really convinced me that this is a very special case and you really do need the price more than all the other people that have asked me that same thing today. Syke! Look, lady, I'm not giving you the price! Now go ask your fabricator just like everyone else does and spare me your sob story! "I am so sorry. I really wish I could, but it's against our policy. Please talk with your fabricator and they will be able to answer all your questions."
"Ok. So, how much is this slab?"

It's a never ending cycle of stupidity, enough to make blood shoot out of your eyes! (tribute to Glenn). And then there's the guy who's "in charge" that I have to deal with.

"Good morning ma'am. Where's my chai tea? Why didn't you get me chai tea?"
Why the hell would I get you chai tea?! You have enough time and money to get your own drink. "Oh how silly of me. I forgot." *awkward laugh*
"Oh man. Well, I heard this great joke. An elephant had 12 bananas, and he was really hungry, but he only ate 11. Why didn't he eat the 12th banana?"
"Gee, I don't know. Why didn't he eat the 12th banana?"
"It was plastic. *laughing hysterically at his amazing wit*
It was plastic? Are you serious?! "Good one."

Every weekend, this is my life. And they pay me well for it. I am reaching my limit.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year

Ah. The beginning of the year, and time for new resolutions that will never actually happen. I have quite a lot to fill in from the last 2 weeks.

First of all, Ricky and I were pretty busy for the rest of our (his) vacation. I know I said that we were going to be able to do whatever we wanted, but it didn't quite happen that way. We felt like it was more of an extended weekend rather than a vacation. Since both of my brothers were in town for the holidays and vacation, they were over at our house almost everyday playing Nazi zombies. It was fun, and we got out to eat and go to the mall a few times too. Jonathan ended up having to go back to Alabama early unfortunately, but it was great to see him for a longer time than a few days. Luke is back at school now, so we miss him too.

Ricky made me go shopping with my shopping spree Christmas gift. I got a lot of great stuff, so I am feeling better about the area of my life. Funny thing was that Ricky ended up spending more than I did. Hehe. He bought some new shoes and a very expensive pair of jeans. He needed both items though. We also went over to my grandma's house twice for a dinner with family. We were doing something every single day until Ricky got back to work. Now things seem to be back to normal, well, except for a few things.

Judah's 2 bottom teeth have finally made their grand entry into the world. Thank God. He is still chewing on everything relentlessly, but at least he should be less fussy now. My little baby is growing up. *sniff* I have been waiting on this, however, to officially start him on solid foods. He's had some here and there, and he loves it, but I have not been in a rush to start him on solids. He's getting so big so fast, and he'll be walking, and then asking for the keys to the car before I know it.

My resolutions this year:

1) Start working out again.
This is everyone's resolution, but I still have 5 pounds hanging around from the pregnancy. It shouldn't be too hard to get rid of, although it's not my weight that I am that worried about. It's more my energy levels and concentration (or lack thereof). When I was working out I had a lot more of both.
2) Complete a 7 day fast.
This is also for health reasons. Fasting is really good for you because it detoxes your body and gets rid of bad cells in your body. I am hoping to start fresh. My body deserves it after the trauma it's been through. Although 7 days will be really REALLY hard.
3) Create a more disciplined day.
I got up not long after the hubby goes to work, but somehow I still can't get anything done around the house. Errands are an all day event too. Even though the baby takes hour and half naps, nothing gets done during that time. I swear I am not watching TV or anything! Where does the time go?!?!
4) Dye my hair.
This I have wanted to do for YEARS but have never actually done it.
5) Wear skirts more often.
This one is for you, Ricky. I'll try to be more feminine. :)