Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Meet Maxwell

So, I was playing with Judah as usual, and I hear this scratching over by our sliding glass door. I assumed that it must have been Cami, messing with the curtains just like she always does for hours everyday. I turn around to yell at her, and to my shock and surprise... it's Maxwell! Scratching at our door like it's no big deal; he's just really pissed because he wants some food. He didn't even seen to mind Cami there at all!

Maxwell has been showing up in our yard for the last few weeks, ever since I left out a pile of almonds to feed the overpopulation of vermin in our backyard. I see him the most regularly, and I can easily recognize him due to his strange tail. Only half is poofy, while the other is newer growth. Most likely from some sort of fight. I began to set out nuts for him regularly after I walked by the window several times to catch him staring into the house, just waiting for me to bring something out to him. Eventually he even started to eat out of my hand! But now he is becoming very aggressive.

I immediately got some almonds for him, which he ate from my hand, and then came back a few minutes later, scratching and begging for more. He even stepped into the house! With Cami less than 2 feet away! I can't believe this thing! It cracked me up, so I had to catch some photos.

Cami and Bailey were both going wild, and Bailey was trying to get outside to chase them. I'm sure that Cami would have a blast chasing them if she ever finds the guts to go outside.

My backyard is feeling more and more like wildlife park. I saw that coyote again a few days ago, not to mention his howling at night. And that eagle that was living in the trees last year is back, and I see him frequently as well. Who would have guessed that I'd get so much wildlife a few blocks away from a industrial sized mall?

I must admit that I felt a lot like I had come out of the movie "Enchanted", but what else is new. I just open the door and sing, and all of my forest friends come running. Not that this is much of a surprise to most of you. They pretty much wrote that movie about me, and it's not rare to find me dancing through the house singing some random Disney song and at many times, quoting the entire movie.

So it's been a good morning. If you have free time, stop by to see our friendly neighborhood squirrel. I think I may need some more nuts...

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Ricky said...

Wow, this post is great, especially now that we have boots. the friendly neighborhood critter gang is growing.