Saturday, December 6, 2008

Doom and Gloom

I hate to sound all doom and gloom, but my husband and I have been talking about some pretty deep stuff lately. Forgive me for not believing that Obama is the savior of our country, but the next 5 years are looking grim for the whole world. And I'm not just referring to the economy.

Iran is on the verge of creating a nuclear weapon, and Israel is ready to attack them as soon as that happens. Once Iran has the nuclear technology, then any terrorist organization can gain access to it. It won't be long until we enter world war III on the brink of a nuclear holocaust.

Ricky and I have started some preliminary talks about becoming more prepared for "whatever" might happen. In the event of an infrastructure collapse, communication collapse, power grid failure, earthquakes, bombings, etc. we want to make sure that our family is safe and well prepared.

It's so funny how so many things about how you view life change when you have a family. Suddenly, survival is key. When I was single, it wasn't nearly as important to me, because if I was going to die, I didn't really care. I was ready and I wasn't afraid of it. After I got married however, you depend on someone else; your other half. I realized that they also depended on me, which gave me a reason to stay alive, and protect my life, and protect theirs. Now that I have a kid, the feeling has grown times 10. After the bombings in Mumbai, they showed this clip of a little Jewish boy, maybe 1-2 years old, crying for his parents who had been killed. That 3 second video clip wrenched my heart, because I can't imagine if something like that happened to Judah. To be suddenly without your parents, and you can't understand what's going on, but you just want them and need them. It makes me want to cry even now just to think about it. I love him so much.

I don't want that to happen to our family, which is why we, as parents, will take measures to ensure its safety. God is teaching me more about how he feels as a Father to us. He has given us a safety plan in His Word because He feels that same way. He is also teaching me more about us as His bride, and how in the same way that a father/husband would endanger and give up his life for his family or country, how much more would He do that for us?

In the end, all that matters is love and life, whether it's here or there.

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