Saturday, November 29, 2008

I finally feel like I am to that point where I am enjoying life again.

To be very clear, it's not that I was not enjoying life before, but it felt like more of a chore. What with the baby and all. But I have been exercising more by taking Judah out for walks, and I have met up with some friends a few times to just chill and hang out. I have gone out to see a few movies and Ricky (aka, wonderful husband) even took me on a small shopping spree to update my wardrobe which has been seriously lacking. That may seem materialistic, but I didn't realize how feeling better about my appearance could help my state of mind so much. Of course, what is probably helping me the most is the fact that Christmas is right around the corner! All the holiday shopping and music is like fuel for my soul! OK, so I might be slightly exaggerating, but I really do love Christmastime a lot. Judah is getting so big and he melts my heart when he smiles at me. Nothing can beat that. Unfortunately, he's also getting old enough to throw tantrums, which has been taxing to deal with. I never thought that we would already have to set ground rules for behavior and implementing discipline while he's so young. I guess if he's old enough to throw a tantrum, then he's old enough to be punished.

I got up early to go shopping with my family. My grandma was in town over Thanksgiving, as well as my cousin, Hannah, who is over from Ellensburg, so we all suffered the crowds to get doorbuster deals. It was fun. My hubby also took me out for a nice dinner and a movie without the kid. As much as we love our son, we always try to make alone time for ourselves, which is completely worth it. I love him so much. Not to mention that Judah's grandparents are always more than willing to take him for an evening.

My aunt and uncle are beginning to enjoy their new son as well (Conner 6 weeks) which makes me happy. They are going to be amazing parents. Our young adults group is still growing and we are even providing childcare now. Kaylarie's pregnancy is going well, and I found out that Janelle is pregnant! Sheana is coming up on her due date fast and there are so many others that we are waiting for them to pop the news.

So all in all, life is good, and getting better by the day. I love Ricky and Judah with all of my heart and love seeing them everyday.