Sunday, October 12, 2008

I started work on Saturday. It went very well.

In many ways, it's like I never left, but somehow I still felt like the new girl. I guess that's just from getting used to staying at home. We had a lot of new material that I am unfamiliar with, which left me asking questions as if I were the new girl, but for the most part, everything else was the same. I can break samples again, which was nice. It has been quite some time since I swang that hammer. Muahahaha! It felt good.

So I guess this means that life is settling down and we're returning to normalcy. I may go back to work full time someday, but I'll play it by ear. I plan to take it one day at a time and make sure that my priorities are in line. Decisions will be made based on what opportunities God gives us. For the mean time, Ricky is doing well at work with a boss who likes him and he has provided for this family amazingly. God has given us everything that we need despite the failing economy.

Life is gooder.

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Amanda said...

Hey Rosemary,
Thank you so much for the prayer. Its been a long month so far. Work hours have increased, and so has the work load at school. Just super busy, and stressful. But God is good, He has been opening doors for Ryan and I and we are very excited about the next few months.

I am so glad your life is getting back to a normal pattern. That is so important! Keep us posted on your little one too. He is so adorable. I heard that Liz's little one is doing great too. : )