Friday, May 11, 2007

Gosh, it is so hard to find time to actually keep this thing updated...

Anyway, I felt the need to write because I have been really craving a mission trip today. That may sound strange. Mission trips I have felt are one of the things that I like, and desire to do the most for ministry. I have always felt at home on the mission field, and there is no other experience (that I have experienced) that is as fulfilling as serving in that way. The thing is that I have not been on a really good mission trip for many years. I was in Costa Rica for a month last August, but being completely honest, that wasn't the most exciting, fulfilling trip.

I am thirsty for something more in my life again. Something that matters. Not to say that my life is unfulfilled, but there is a spot in my heart for missions that God placed there, and it is running on empty. I have always looked forward to going around the world with my husband, but it seems so far off in the distance.

I haven't even thought about missions since I have been married. It gets pushed to the back when you start adjusting to your new life. It kinda sprang on me. It keeps popping up everywhere and pulling on my heart. I hope that God will provide the answer for us soon. I need to be less full of myself I guess.