Thursday, April 19, 2007

Proverbs 18:21 (NLT)

I am so grieved at the things that can come out of a person's mouth. I don't understand how people can speak so viciously against one another! And the worst part is that they can get an entire room to join them in an incredibly degrading, ruthless, and brutal attack on someone else. It is such a hard thing to listen too and take a stand against when you are the only one who disagrees with the majority. How can people hate so much?

A guy at work got fired today. Well, we're not sure if he was fired or quit. I opt to think he quit, but everyone else agrees that he must have been fired since he's a %@$# and a @*!&^!*?%$. Of course I wouldn't say those things about anyone, but it hurt me to hear them say those things. I really liked him. He was highly intelligent, and he had a family that he loved very much, and he would always tell me about his daughter and his goals and why he wouldn't settle being an average person. But because of those things, people hated him. I admit that he could have handled a lesson in humility, but that was no reason to spread hateful comments about him.

There was a pattern that I noticed. People either loved him, or hated him. Whether they liked him or not was not important to me. I don't like my soon-to-be-supervisor, but I still respect her and do my best to be kind to her. Since when does the Bible say that it's OK to talk bad about people and hate people because they don't suite your preferences?

It's been hard for me being outside my Christian bubble. Even in high school, I don't know if I had ever heard such evil speech that I heard today. It made my soul groan and shrivel.

Whoever is reading this, if you are born again, I challenge you to consider carefully every word that comes from your mouth. You will be held accountable for every single one. We are the light of the world, and if we continue to speak vile words, even words that "aren't that bad," we are just as bad as any other person who cares for nothing but themselves.

"The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences."

Bamba- I am so sorry for the things that were said about you today. Please forgive those that spoke against you, and forgive me for not doing more to stop it. Those words are not who you are. I wish you well in life, and I will pray for you. Keep God first, and never settle for second best. I hope to see you again.

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