Thursday, April 12, 2007

I would just like to say that I am very sorry to Ricky for getting on his case when he didn't blog for months at a time. I am truly sorry.

I never realized that when you have a full time job that demands your attention all day, your blog is simply the last thing on your mind. This whole not having tons of free time is really new to me. Go figure. I guess I'm just growing up. But seriously, I will try to blog more.

So, the new job is not so new anymore, at least it doesn't feel that way. I'm definitely not viewed as "the new girl", and I have been doing a lot more tasks than I was hired for. Most of the office stuff I do can get done quickly when I really focus, which unfortunately can make my day drag on much longer. It is not uncommon to hear Rosemary asking for more to do around the office, especially on a really slow day (like today).

My very favorite and my very least favorite part about my job, by far, is the fact that I am the only outspoken Christian in the entire vicinity. Let me explain. It is bad, obviously, because it can feel really lonely at times when there is no one else there to support you, and you are the only one holding yourself to a higher standard. Higher standard meaning God's standard. There are many conversations that take place in the office that I don't even take part it, and any conversations that I do take part in, I am completely misunderstood. It can be difficult to get your point across without pointing to the Bible or God working in your life. If you say either of those two things, you're just crazy.

What I really don't understand is when people say how much they admire people with high standards, yet they won't do that themselves. Does that make any sense? I guess people do it all the time though. Dieting, punctuality, sobriety... when someone struggles with these types of things and overcome it, they are so admired, but only a small percentage will actually follow the example.

The good part about being the only Christian is that I have the chance to be an amazing example to those that are still in the dark, and hopefully shine as brightly as I can. It can be a heavy burden though, because I know that I have to really step up my act and be that shining light. The last thing I want to do is to blend in and be like everyone else. I need to be as much like Christ as I can. It has really been good for me, and I am trying to be better everyday by weed out all the things which needed to be fixed. Many I never noticed before.

So continues the life of the not so average working girl. I pray that my workplace will be impacted by Christ. I have to leave my mark in this world somewhere.

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Kat said...

Someone told me once to consider the workplace relationship trials as "Grace Growers". It helps me understand and cope with people who don't even remotely live life the way God would have them.