Sunday, February 25, 2007

Last week I was at a women's conference at my church. That's good. The worship kinda sucked. That's bad. A friend from church has been showing alot of interest in wanting to become closer friends. That's an answer to prayer! I have been wanting to become closer with this particular girl for a long time because she is exactly what I would want in a friend. She loves God and isn't up and down about it, and she isn't a complete moron ruining her life! This is something I have to latch on to.

You see, ever since junior high, I have had this pattern with my close friends. Except for one really close friend that I can think of, all of them have ended up going to way of the world and messing up their lives by rejecting God. I have lost too much sleep crying for my friends and my heart has been broken for them more times then I can count. I need someone who can lift me up rather than pulling me down. My husband, of course, will always do that for me, but we both still need friends as well as each other.

My most recent friend that I lost broke my heart so bad that I am almost scared to make new friends, even though I know that I need to and that God wants me to. Someone who I can be transparent and vulnerable with who will give me godly advice. This girl from church is an answer to prayer because she follows God with all her heart. I won't have to worry about her changing over night when I go on vacation. She is accountable to everyone in her life, not just to me (a mistake I made with my last friend that I don't plan on making again).

Praise God. :)

In other news, my husband and I are going to go see that new movie "Amazing Grace" today, so that should be fun. The only thing that would make this day better is Papa Murphey's!


Ricky said...

you totally spelled papa murhpy's wrong.

I love you.

Rosemary Ochs said...

Actually, you spelled it worse than I did. The "F" sound comes from the two letters "ph" not "hp." I'll have to make sure that you keep up on your hooked on phonics homework.

Ricky said...

you totally got me.


Kat said...

It's "Papa Murphy's" - voted the best pizza chain in America. You can visit their website to see the official spelling (and their current specials):