Thursday, February 22, 2007

It's just a cat... right?

My entire life, I never really played over this in my head; the possibility of letting go of a pet. My family had to a few years ago. It was absolutely one of the hardest decisions to make. The family cat, Jeffery, was having digestive problems, and we had to put him down. It is so etched in my brain that I can still remember the smell in the room when I had to watch him slowly drift away.

It's heart wrenching.

Christmas of 1992, ( I was 5 years old) I got the best Christmas present that I have ever recieved to date. It was a little ball of fur, and it was mine. She was named Tickle and she has stayed and slept with me almost every night since then, discluding when I have been away. We share a bond just like every other owner probably has with their pet, but there is just one more peice that we share.

That next year, my birth mother died, and I have felt that Tickle has been my last connection with her. That may sound silly, but this is how I have felt about Tickle for a very long time. I'm not sure when that emotion started, or why it started, but it's just there none the less. To lose Tickle would be to lose a peice of myself, and it is me standing over myself telling them to do so.

Looking at it rationally, I most likely have too much of a bond with this cat, and it would be best for me for that bond to be severed. After all, it is just a cat... yet at the same time, you can't just let go that easily. I have had this cat for almost 15 years. That's slightly less time then I have had my little brother around! How do you just let go? How can you tell me this is just a cat?


britain said...

did u have to put tickle down?? oh thats so sad.

Kat said...

I can relate to letting go of a beloved animal. I've had to make those hard choices several times.

I love animals and can't imagine life without at least one in my life. I love the cuddles, the warmth, and the fact that they need me.

Rosemary Ochs said...

No, I didn't have to put her down, but I think she's in the primary stages of kidney disease, so that time may be nearer that I thought it would be. It's really hard for me, but I'm learning to cope with something that hasn't happened yet.

Ricky said...

Tickle is an incredibly cute cat.

but she stinks.


She ain't dying yet.

Psyche said...

Well said.